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Dr Andrew Knight (Chiropractor) is passionate about improving the wellbeing and potential of humanity and brings over 26 years of clinical chiropractic experience from various clinics around Australia, most recently working alongside leading chiropractors in the field of neural science and is an AHPRA certified instructor of Neural Organization Technique.

Neural Organisation Technique is an approach to improving health by incorporating the most recent developments in neuroscience. It primarily deals with identifying and correcting faults within the Central Nervous System.

Based on the understanding that proper healthy function of the body depends on the organisation of our basic survival systems of Fight / Flight, Postural Stability, Immunity, Digestion and Reproduction.

Also that the spinal cord and brain has nerves connecting to every part of your body, communicating via constant regular transmission of nerve impulses.

The nerve system is responsible for proper control of every function within your body, from digestion and sensory functions to correct heart rate and blood pressure.

Past trauma and current stress can inhibit the ability of the nerve system to properly control these functions.

As any healthy body has the innate ability to be heal and grow, Neural Organisation Technique can help organise and improve the function of the nerve system, better allowing optimum health.

Dr Andrew Knight predominantly  uses this technique which combines elements of kinesiology, cranio-sacral therapy and spinal adjustments to improve your wellbeing.

Dr Andrew is also passionate about connecting with family and friends and appreciating good wine with them. He enjoys some sailing in the summer, snowboarding in winter and sometimes even gets time to ride his motorcycles.

4 Replies to “About Ascending Health”

  1. Hi,
    We would like to make an appointment for our 7 weeks old daughter Ariana. I want to make general check up, and also discuss some questions about her lags and hands.
    Thank you kindly Vladimir and Irene

    1. Hi Irene, please book an appointment for your daughter and I will be happy to provide a checkup and address any concerns and questions you may have at that time. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Knight

  2. Hi Andrew, I’d like to bring my daughter in to see you pls. She has a scoliosis. Jane Martino recommended you to me. Kind regards. Sandie Griffiths
    Ps Jessie-rose, 16 years old. A time after school ie 4pm onwards would be fabulous please.

    1. Hi Sandie, I would be very happy to assess Jessie-Rose and to help in any way possible. Please book an initial consultation and treatment for your preferred time via the ‘Book Appointment’ button on the website.
      I look forward to seeing you then.
      Kindest regards, Dr Andrew Knight

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