What is Neural Organization Technique?

Neural Organization Technique is a chiropractic-based technique developed by Dr Carl Ferreri during the 1970‘s which primarily deals with identifying and correcting faults within the autonomic nervous system.

Dr Ferreri found that traditional spinal care was not always sufficient for patients with complex clinical histories. He began studying these patients to uncover the underlying cause of their ailments.

By combining his practical experience with well-understood neuro
scientific principles relating to four main autonomic survival
systems of Fight / Flight, Digestion, Reproduction and Immunity,
he spent many years on research and discovered how highly
dependent on the organization and integration of these four survival systems was to proper function and health.

The aim of Neural Organization Technique is to identify poorly functioning systems and reorganise and improve the function of the autonomic nervous system in relation to these fundamental survival systems.

Dr Ferreri likened the human body and its functions analogous to a complex computer system composed of specific programs for everything we see, do, and feel. Some programs are innate, while others develop over time or arise as a need presents itself.

Using this analogy of a computer network, Dr Ferreri explains how a single corrupt program can affect the function of the entire computer system. This corruption can occur as a result of the same well-recognized causes of subluxation we are familiar with including various physical, emotional, and chemical stressors.

The analysis of Neural Organization Technique can identify corrupt programs in the autonomic nervous system through a series of muscle testing protocols designed to assess how a person’s body responds to various stimuli including specific pressure sites, heat / cold, dark / light, posture and more.

The application of Neural Organization Technique uses clearly-structured and prioritised combinations of specific manual spinal adjustments, well-defined acupressure (neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular points) stimulation, integrated sacro-occipital techniques, and applied kinesiology in conjunction with co-ordinated breathing to improve the function of the systems governed by the autonomic nervous system.

Current researchers in the field of neuroscience continue to emphasize the role of the autonomic system in health and with this understanding placed in your hands through Neural Organization Technique

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